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Student Testimonials 

Women Gender & Social Justice Studies

Doing this course over the two years is the absolute single best thing I have ever done for myself. As a busy working mum of six, it has opened my eyes and mind to thinking, questioning and investigating facts in a different way. As an individual I can't wait to study more and in turn educate my children for the future.

I gained so much from the Women, Gender and Social Justice Course. Friendship, a sense of solidifying my own beliefs through information. I never knew how much I could achieve through doing the course or how well I could do essay writing. I've learned so much about feminist and social justice. I looked forward to my class each week. It's a time for me to step out of the stress of everyday life and learn and reflect in a very supportive and nurturing space. I couldn't recommend the course enough.


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Meaning and Personal Development

This was an excellent course. It was based on the work of Viktor Frankl – Meaning and Personal Development. It was delivered by Terry Kelleher who is so knowledgeable and is such a great communicator. The story was based on his experiences as a prisoner in the Nazi concentration camps.

At the start of the course I wondered what the connection was between this and our own lives. When we progressed more into the story it became a lot clearer, it was about survival in difficult times. This course happened at the right time, as it was all about coping with our mental health, and the choices we make in our lives. If we have hope in our lives we can face the difficult decisions that we may have to make. Living in this present lockdown situation, I find that we are relying on hope and survival all the more. It was great meeting up every week and gave me something to look forward to.

I would also like to thank Anca and the CDETB for providing us with the laptops so that we could do this course remotely. Community education is so important to people so that they can feel included and everyone who wants to should be able to avail of that opportunity. 

                                                                                                                                                Margaret Burke


Laughing Your Way To Health & Happiness

Never realised how difficult it can be not to complain/be negative on issues, hopefully I will do less from now on. Importance of positivity more aware of same. I now try to make other people aware of the importance of laughter and I try to avoid negative people. All in all really enjoyed the experience.


I found the course helped me to be aware of negativity and how it can drag one down. How fun and laughter relaxes both mind and body. Good group willing to let go and have fun. Enjoyed comedy films and TV programmes, very positive.

Initially I was confused as I thought the class was about laughter as the weeks went by I began to realise how good it would be to get people out of themselves. More about communication I enjoyed the games and exercise. 

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Introduction To Art

I joined the Introductory Art Group last term and enjoyed it so much I returned. I was a little nervous when I first joined wondering if i would be embarrassed or if I was good enough, however, all these  fears quickly washed away.  


This is the best class I have ever been to. Angela is a fantastic teacher. I have learned so much, and she creates such a warm and friendly atmosphere, where people interact and get to know each other. I look forward to coming here every week. 

I my early years I had a chance to study Art in school. However it was not a positive experience. This time the class was very positive, enjoyable and fun. I think I now have a new personal attitude to Art. I now have a can do attitude. 

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