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Counselling & Psychotherapy Service

How psychotherapy can help you?

Psychotherapy helps to facilitate a process of change in the individual through:
• Understanding the patterns that cause problems.
• Making connections between past and present experiences – seeing the   bigger picture.
• Dealing with difficult feelings.
• Feeling listened to and understood.
• Finding practical alternatives – a different way of doing things

Frequently asked questions


What is Counselling?

The overall aim of counselling is to provide you with opportunities to explore, discover and clarify ways of living in a more satisfying and resourceful manner. The role of the Counsellor /Psychotherapist is to facilitate your growth in ways which respect your values, personal resources and capacity for self-determination. 


How much will it cost?

The Centre offers a low-cost counselling service to adult learners in the Centre as well as people, over 18 years from the local Dublin 12 community and surrounding area. A sliding scale of fees operates. This will usually be negotiated with the client at the initial intake session and will be paid at each session to the therapist.  The therapist will give you a receipt.


How long will I be attending?

Where possible the Centre recommends an initial contract of 6 weeks between the client and therapist.  Following a review with you, a further contract can be agreed.  If you, for some appropriate reason, need to change therapist the Director of Counselling must be consulted.

The duration of each therapy session is 50 minutes. Your Counsellor will start to draw your session to a close 5 minutes towards the end of your session.  Your Counsellor will offer you a contract when the work begins.

What will be expected of me?

Counsellors only attend the Centre at specific times in  order to see the clients allocated to them by the Director of Counselling therefore:

  • Clients are expected to attend each week at the time assigned to them by their counsellor. If you are unable to attend please inform your therapist 24 hours in advance if possible; failure to do this means that the fee must be paid for the missed session. On account of this it is very important that

       you make every effort to attend, or to cancel your appointment well in advance.


  • Non-attendance for three consecutive weeks, without notification and a reasonable explanation, will result in re-negotiation of  your contract.


The Loreto Centre takes each client’s confidentiality very seriously. All counselling is confidential as laid down by the Code of Ethics from Professional Bodies, IACP & IAHIP. While our services are confidential if you give us information that children may be at risk, it is our policy and in keeping with the requirements of legislation to pass that information to TUSLA child protection services. Our work respects the principles of the Children First Guidelines 2011


Loreto Centre Counselling Service is part funded by:


Child & Family Agency

Loreto Sisters Irish Province


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