Counselling Team

About  Our Counsellors/ Psychotherapists

Loreto Centre Counselling Service is supervised by Clinical Directors, Jim Murphy and Terry Kelleher.


Jim Murphy (Clinical Director)  

I am an accredited senior therapist and I have been in practice at the Loreto Centre since 2010.

Terry Kelleher (Clinical Director)  

I am an accredited therapist: I have been in practice at the Loreto Centre since 2011. During that time I have also delivered a number of continuous professional development presentations to my colleagues and I am Currently delivering an adult education course at the Centre. 


I hold post-graduate qualifications in the Social Sciences and in Social Work as well as professional qualifications in Adult Education and Field Work Practice and Supervision.

Before entering the profession of psychotherapy I had extensive experience working as a qualified social worker in a number of settings.

In September 2019  I was appointed Co-Director of Counselling at the Loreto Centre

Loreto Centre Counselling Team

There are thirty nine volunteer psychotherapists who come from a range of disciplines and all are trained in integrative humanistic psychotherapy providing the counselling service to approximately 320 adults annually.  The majority of our therapists are qualified and are working towards their accreditation, or they are already qualified and accredited. We also have a number of third and fourth year trainee therapists who are working towards completing their qualification. All our therapists are Garda vetted.

We regularly recruit student therapists from the following training colleges: Turning Point Institute, Dublin Business School, Dublin Counselling and Therapy Centre.

Work ethics and compliance

All our therapists:

  • Have annual membership of either of the following accrediting bodies  IACP OR IAHIP and follow their respective codes of ethics .

  • Adhere to the counselling policy of Loreto Centre, Crumlin.

  • Furnish Loreto Centre with up to date appropriate  insurance cover.

  • Inform the Loreto Centre of the name of their supervisor and attend clinical supervision as required by their Professional Body.

  • Attend  continuous Professional Development (CPD) provided by Loreto Centre three times annually.


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