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Who Are We?


The Loreto Centre in Crumlin was set up to meet the needs of people in the local community, by providing opportunities for personal growth and community development through the delivery of Adult Community Education and  low cost counselling/psychotherapy.

The Centre seeks to provide a friendly, safe, supportive and challenging environment.


Loreto Education communities are animated by the spirit of Mary Ward, foundress of the Institute of  the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto).  They are centred in God, rooted in Christ and based on Gospel values.  Our vision is that they will be educational communities where each person has the experience of being valued;  where all who participate in the learning process enjoy a liberating education that helps them grow into the fullness of life and empowers them to be men and women of courage who are alive to the needs of humanity and committed to making a difference in our world.


Based on this fundamental belief in the uniqueness of each person, the Loreto Centre has as its main object to inspire and encourage all participants in its programmes to recognise and find their full potential.  The aim stems from the conviction that, given the right support, respect and encouragement, individuals are enabled to develop and become  empowered so that they feel better about themselves, become more tolerant of others, form better relationships and thereby contribute to the well-being of families, communities and the society in which they live.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable and empower people to develop their own resources for more creative and effective living within the context of their personal lives and within their families and to participate in building a supportive personal and community network.


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